Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just blow it out.

Thursday, May 19th 2011. D-day. D for declaration day. Some interesting questions were answered today and the fields are set for the first round of the NCAA Championships. Nobody had a stronger desire to be there than Nick Maedel, evidenced by his behemoth display of willpower in collapsing across the painted point B in 14minutes and 13 seconds, having covered a distance not shorter than five kilometres. His itch to compete next week was satiated by numerous scratches on the list today and he will take his place on Delta Flight who knows what to Indy on Tuesday. Most likely in seat 22B, the second-to-worst seat for those looking to piss in-flight. The worst is naturally reserved for yours truly.

I looked at the 1500 after the conference meet and decided the notion of competing in the metric mile in the post-season sounded simply splendid. Coach Braman, utterly perturbed by my enthusiasm, instructed me with a blank stare to find an oval 60metres in circumference, because I was running no less than 25 laps come work day. He then sent me off on a 9-ingredient concoction of miles with no specific formula outlined besides the final desired flavour of "hurt". I gave the recipe a B-. My effort, perhaps a notch higher.

And so it is set. I do however have the added bonus of a 3.1 mile jaunt around Bloomington's track to compliment the slog. I'll keep my ACC experiences in mind and opt NOT to polish off a "Cobblestone Sweet Roll" (America Fail-again) from Panera one hour before. That I was left unable to savor the sweet serenade of Ambler the Scrambler's "HEYYY-HEY-EH-EH-EH-EH" due to p*ssy stomach still rankles me, yet the joy of team victory that day ensured the physical pain was, thankfully, 'over easy'.

The competition in Indiana will be about as stiff as Jimbo Fisher's stance on our new indoor track/football facility. I'd better preface this by noting that this is NOT a knock on the intelligence of NCAA distance runners, though it may be too soon to speak on levels of co-operation just yet. I am respectful of the fields though and excited to get out and compete.

I had planned to take my love for the colour teal and expand it past my V-neck and New Era 5950 collections to the tartan UNC speedway by shooting for the questionable glory of a sub 3:40 1500. However, a taut tendon of the mythic kind stopped me in my tracks and forced me back into the hands of Coach Braman's tempo trolls. Last Saturday I battled them for seven before taking my food-disposal talents to Ted's Montana Grill where I ditched pumping iron in favour of the consumption of that very mineral. Yes, consumption, that classic American pastime. Oh how assimilated it appears I've become.

Besides that one little hitch, things have been moving along quite smoothly and I am rather happy with the current state of affairs. The trip to Carolina lacked another personal best but angst at that outcome was buffered, if only slightly by the banter on the road created by the 'Garmin-Queller', the 'Tom-Tom-Tyrant' Kenny Jesensky and David "Freaked" Forrester. One cannot forget the presence of Nick "WTF did I just do?!" Maedel and his quirky yet admittedly fair opinions on the true state of team morale.

It was the kind of trip one would surely miss once removed from that unified team atmosphere that is collegiate track/xc. I choose not to accept the fast-approaching reality that said removal is nearly upon me, and instead wish to make the very most of these last few weeks in the FSU uniform. What tangible results will emerge, nobody can predict. Yet, regardless of the outcome, I'm determined to enjoy the experience and give the very most I can to the Seminole cause.

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