Monday, May 09, 2011

Tins at Penn

We should have known that combining a Liverpool fan with a baton would be a terrible idea. The notion that a Scouser would forget his phobia and grasp with purpose the very instrument of authority that limited his thuggish antics throughout many a poor-quality Liverpudlian derby appears laughable but one could only have hoped a crowd of 50,000 at Philadelphia's Franklin field would aid in the process.

Alas, the shiny blue stick may well have been a large cup of Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha as Dave probably could have downed three in the time it took for the thing to arrive in his hands. He give it a good college try and delivered it to me within striking distance....of the 4th place runner. I was about as up for it as I would be for a 16er at Munson St.Cloud and the result showed. A split of 4.03 sent waves of bleh reverberating around the arena. And that was that.

The following day turned out to be an arduous affair to get through for reasons I shan't get into, however having made it back to Tallahassee in one piece, I took some time to marvel at the heroics of finger-wag Farrell and co. out wesht. The NCAA is outrageous right now. It was just the stimulant required to cure the rectal-cranial inversion induced by a weekend in that great historic city. The diagnosis can be credited to my old college coach and thankfully the recovery process was swift. The week's training was super, and we're back in business.

Some forsaken soul convinced me to join in watching the Doha Diamond league 3k over the weekend and I can only say that the streaming feed quality was shocking. I watched a 60second lap by an East African cladden in black and the damn site replayed it 7 times. Things finally got fixed in time for me to see a tasty 200 by another East African, also cladden in black. The excitement of the whole event prompted me to fall into a 2hour coma, after which, suitably inspired , I took to the track in an attempt to replicate the heroics I had earlier seen. The rubber caught fire on rep four and the thoughts on our cooler of Powerade turned from skeptical to GRAB! The session was as salty as my chips at El Jalisco and we took from the endeavor in inkling that maybe we won't be so bad after all.

School's out for summer and I can't even begin to describe the joy I have in moving nap time from classroom to couch. Myself and @D_Forr have spent the majority of our team plotting ways to apply specific orders from Braman ('beat the heat' and 'take a suck break' being two in particular) to various parts of our now spacious daily schedule. Results have so far been mixed. Just over two weeks til the regional now. As far as I'm aware there will be a couple of Lennys, a Sammy and a score of other talented individuals all aspiring to earn a trip to the promised land of Des Moines, Iowa. A motley crew of giblets, riblets and gremlins no doubt but I'm sure we'll arrive at some decent representation at the National Finals. East Reg for life.

Follow it here and at @Mad Len on Twitter. You know the score. Til then, TITERUB.


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